Mathematics in Teams

Winners MathDay15 2019-2020

During the MathDay15 students went into their neighbourhoods this year to find solutions for global warming, with the concrete question: how do you build 200 appealing new apartments for families in the neighbourhood, and how do you make sure the neighbourhood stays green and minimize the ‘heat-island effect’?

A fun twist was that students were asked to create a ‘promotional video’ in which they explain to the client (the municipality) where to build the apartments and what measures to take to ensure it will be a green neighbourhood.

The first prize goes to the students of the St. Michael College in Zaandam, who created a clear video: simple, though effective, in which an explanation was given using a floor plan. This explanation is complete: there is shade of new apartment complexes, there are green roofs, attention has been paid to the direction of the wind; they also explain how the temperature drop is being realized for each of the measuring points.