Mathematics in Teams


Final round Math A-lympiad and results

On Friday 15 and Saturday 16 March, around 40 secondary school students were present in Garderen for the finals of the Alympiad. Teams from the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Japan and Croatia occupied themselves for two days with a game simulating the summoning of ambulances.

The aim is to pick up patients as quickly as possible by ambulance and transport them to the hospital. In the simulation, there is a sequence of calls, which gives a picture of bottlenecks. The teams went on to design a good strategy for the placement and movement of ambulances in an area, taking into account all kinds of aspects that may be involved.

The Friday evening was traditionally spent getting to know team members from other countries. Nice to see how dozens of schoolchildren know how to find each other in all kinds of fields if you simply bring them together.

On Saturday afternoon, the finals were concluded by playing a game simulating the calling of ambulances.
All team members received a certificate of participation.

The committee assessed the teams’ papers and determined the places where the teams finished:

  1. Kaichi Nihonbashi Gakuen senior High School, Japan
  2. HTX Køge, Denmark
  3. Birkerød Gymnasium, Denmark
  4. Saibi Heisei Secondary Education School, Japan
  5. Goudse Scholengemeenschap Leo Vroman 1, Netherlands
  6. Josef-Albers-Gymnasium Bottrop, Germany
  7. Gymnasium Petrinum Dorsten, Germany
  8. Greijdanuscollege, Netherlands
  9. XV.gimnazija Zagreb, Croatia
  10. Goudse Scholengemeenschap Leo Vroman 2, Netherlands